Page Up  provides senior communications executives with the resources, professional network and learning opportunities, both online and in-person, necessary to progress in their career. Some opportunities are exclusive to Page Up members while others are offered in conjunction with the Arthur W. Page Society.


Peer Sharing and Learning

Enriching one’s understanding of the profession is among the most valuable elements to succeeding as an enterprise leader. Page Up members participate in a community of almost 200 members from around the world and at various types of organizations, with whom they can share knowledge, discuss pressing issues and current topics and learn from each other’s experiences. Think Thursday and Connection Coaches are only two of the many programs set up to facilitate such exchanges.

Access to Best Practices

Page Up provides access to leading practices in the communications field. Events like the Page Up Annual Conference, which is for Page Up members, and the Page Society’s Spring Seminar, which brings together around 300 Page and Page Up members, offer elite speakers, invaluable and candid member case studies, and allow for priceless dialogue between fellow members about their common challenges and the best approaches for overcoming them.

Expand Your Network

Many members say that their most valuable member benefit is the ability to forge new relationships, both professional and personal, with their peers at other organizations. Page Up allows members to grow their professional network through in-person events (large ones like the Spring Seminar and Page Society Annual Conference, and more intimate regional networking gathering hosted by Page or Page Up members), participating on committees, and interacting on the member only website.

Exclusivity of Membership

Both Page and Page Up are highly selective about the members that are admitted. Both organizations are prestigious as a result of the exclusivity of their membership, which not only represents the highest caliber of professionals but also maintains an elite network to which each member has access.

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