Our members emphasize the importance of Page Up to their career and/or professional development:

Matt Burns, UnitedHealthCare
"I am relatively new to Page Up, but attending the spring conference in April left me humbled to associate with so many exceptional professionals and, more importantly, exceptional people. Page Up has no rival in exposing future chief communications officers to the people already in the top jobs at the world’s leading companies."
Lisa Chen, Sabre
"When I attend events from Arthur Page and the Page Up program I'm just so inspired by the brain power, the experience that I can take back and be an even better communications professional within my organization."
Caroline Harris Gibson, Prosek Partners
"I have been with  Page Up since the beginning and it has been such a great journey. Over the last three years I have built friendships that I can now call on them whenever I have a problem and say 'hey how would you handle this situation? What should I be thinking about that I am not thinking about?' And everyone is happy to help. Before Page Up I didn’t have that type of network."
Marvin Hill, Humana
"I am new to Page Up and it has been an awesome experience so far. Page Up has given me the opportunity to be a leader. It has given me an opportunity to understand the landscape of communications, to understand what it means to be a CCO in a time of dynamic change. So, the education has been wonderful and the networking has been very important."
Lisa Lanspery, IBM
"My experience with Page Up has been positive. The Page Up network is valuable community to help with two-way learning. Both the physical interactions and digital interactions enable like minded professionals to more deeply understand the changes in our industry and then act upon those changes."
Matt Ragas, Ph.D., DePaul University
"Page Up has been a fantastic opportunity to connect with really emerging senior leaders in the field who have created great opportunities for my students...and it's been a fantastic way for me as an educator to stay on top of the latest trends."
Linda Rutherford, Southwest Airlines (Page Society member)
"I joined Page Up after my experience in the Page Society’s Future Leaders Experience. At Page Up there are touch-points to connect with colleagues through committee work, the Jive site, on the Think Thursdays, at Page events and at our annual conference. I’m grateful my Page Society member has invested in my membership so I can continue the learning process and contribute to my profession."


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