Member Engagement Opportunities


Think Thursdays are off-the-record, Page Up member-only calls held every other week to discuss issues facing today’s communications leaders.

During this one-hour call, a Page Up member leads the conversation on a topic, typically related to emerging best practices or evolving business challenges. In addition, members who dial in often find it valuable to raise their own topics or challenges during the call for group feedback and discussion. In this way, Think Thursdays offer members a sounding board and safe space to discuss real issues we face in our daily roles.



Each new Page Up member is paired with a veteran member who has volunteered to be a “Connection Coach.” These coaches serve as the first member-to-member point of contact for new members.

Connection Coach Role

The Connection Coach is expected to accomplish three things within the first 3-6 months of being assigned a new member:

– Send an email welcome note. This would ideally occur within one month after a Page staff member assigns the Connection Coach a new member.

– Talk by phone. This is intended to be a welcoming conversation that aims to answer any questions the new member may have. Depending on timing, the new member may have already talked with a Page staff member. The focus of this conversation is on sharing tips and experiences about how to leverage the full value of Page Up membership.

– Meet in person for lunch or coffee. In many cases, Connection Coaches will be assigned to members within their geographic area. When that is not the case, members are encouraged to find a time to meet in person as part of their regular travel, or around a Page Up event.

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